grill fish "next level"

With the grill racks from 5 Sterne Fisch you can now revolutionize the preparation of grilled fish!

The barbecue highlight for the barbecue season: the 5 Sterne fish griller

Simply brilliant, simply delicious, simply simple! With the grill racks from 5 Sterne Fisch you can now revolutionize the preparation of grilled fish! Simply place the gutted fish with the belly side down in the stainless steel grill rack, pour a delicious stock into the brew pan and the fish is ready to grill! This produces a juicy, thoroughly cooked fish with delicate broth aromas.

Taste explosion! Juicy and delicate aromas thanks to the broth tub

Add some flavor to your fish! The unique feature of the 5 Sterne fish grillers: the integrated broth pan in the bottom of the racks. The broth (e.g. with wine, lemon, butter, herbs; see also (broth recipes) starts to simmer in the tub, then steams into the fish, making the fish juicy and transferring its aromas to the fish meat. Order your 5 Sterne fish griller now!

Always works and does not stick! Grilled fish is so easy!

Put an end to torn apart fish, burnt fish skin and a sticky grill! Thanks to the 5 Sterne fish grillers, preparing fish on the grill has never been easier. No turning, no spreading, no falling apart: just let the fish cook for a short time and then serve it fragrant and steaming all in one piece.

It is so easy to grill with the 5 Sterne fish griller:

- pour the prepared broth (consisting of wine, garlic, herbs...) into the broth pan
- place the fish belly down in the grill rack Place the grill rack on the grill
- when the dorsal fin can be easily removed, the fish is cooked through
- pour the broth as a sauce over the fish

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  • short preparation time
  • simple preparation (no turning, no coating)
  • high quality product materials (stainless steel)
  • no harmful aluminium foil required
  • gentle cooking (no burnt spots)

Promoting social institutions: fully our taste

It is said that what creates work is social. We go one step further and want to give work in particular to those for whom it is otherwise very difficult to find a job. That is why we only produce our fish grill racks in various local social facilities such as the Caritas. Because helping the socially underprivileged is entirely our taste!

Financial support and more self-esteem

The bending and shaping of the frames is carried out in the facilities by people in social difficulties and with physical or mental limitations. Through our work, we not only want to provide these people with financial support, but also want to help strengthen their self-confidence. We are proud to employ these people and to pay them fairly for their work – just as these people are proud to be involved in our project.